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Work-friendly apartment


Working life is changing faster than ever and the boundaries between travel, work, and life are blurring. What was once a workplace now is a cafe by the sea or an apartment in a picturesque town. What was once a foreign land is now a potential construction site full of opportunities. Today you can take your work wherever you want or take on a new job wherever you are.

This is why we at Boma Home have decided to provide new services suitable for business travelers away from home because, when a project takes the team away from home, housing becomes an important factor in terms of physical and psychological well-being. 

Our business services include desk and table to work on, towels, linen (on request), pillows, apartments with private entrances, fire extinguishers, and no source of carbon monoxide.

The apartments Boma Home are in the center of Avola, a stone’s throw from the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, and just minutes from cities like Noto, Syracuse.

A perfect location to find peace and inspiration.

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