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Granita and Brioche

Granita and brioche is the typical summer breakfast of the Sicilians, although in reality every moment of the day is the right one to refresh yourself with this delicacy.
The Granita is a mixture of water, sugar and fruit that is frozen slowly, but never completely, and continuously mixed, to obtain a grainy and creamy texture at the same time. You can also taste it in other non-fruit variants such as coffee, chocolate, pistachio and hazelnut
Traditionally the Granita was accompanied by fresh and crispy bread, now replaced by the typical Sicilian brioche. A soft brioche from the egg-based dough and the shape is incongruous thanks to the so-called "tuppo", a smaller ball, which surmounts its semi-spherical base.
The brioche is served hot together with the granita and should be eaten soaking it as you do with the croissant in the cappuccino.
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