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  • VIRTUAL KEY/code: It will be a pleasure for us to give you the access code of our apartment.

  • CLEANLINESS: The accommodation must be left in perfect condition, as well as delivered. The charge for cleaning not performed or not completed by the customer amounts to Euro 80.00.  All our apartments are delivered to customers in perfect order and cleanliness. Upon return by the customer, at the end of the stay, all eventual breakdowns will be counted and consequently deducted from the deposit of € 100.00. Outgoing customers must leave the property in order before their departure. Please preserve the rented accommodation and treat the furniture and equipment of the apartments with care. To ensure a pleasant stay and avoid possible misunderstandings, please read the house rules. This Regulation is to be read with care and fully accept the content and to respect it during your stay at our apartment holiday homes. For everything not explicitly mentioned, reference is made to the current regulations, good taste and common sense of each in the interest of all.

  • No sub-lease: Sub-lease or assignment to third parties of the resource and contract is not allowed unless expressly granted exceptions by the Management.


  • It’s forbidden to bring dogs or other animals into the facility.

  • Prohibitions: it is absolutely forbidden:

    • Smoke

    • Use alcohol or drugs

    • Moving furniture between apartments

    • Partying in the apartment

    • take away the objects from the apartment

Any transgression will be sanctioned by a penalty of €100

  • The customer who voluntarily or unintentionally causes a failure or damage to the property will have to refund the entire damage to the landlord.

  • Important:

Every time you leave the apartment it is mandatory: turn off the lights, the appliances, the TV, the air conditioner, the taps and so on. It is forbidden to throw waste in the toilet. ( It is strictly forbidden to throw toilet paper in the toilet. The facility in each bathroom will find a basket for the toilet paper). in the sinks and other places that are not provided for this, such as the courtyard, the entrance to the apartment, or the vicinity of the house. The property manager does not have the right to enter the rented apartment in the absence of the customer. Except only in special circumstances where it is necessary to enter to avoid the occurrence of possible damage or danger. The manager of the facility has the duty to inform the clients of his entry into the apartment. In case of reasonable doubt of the owner of the property, that the apartment has suffered damage, customers must allow entry into the apartment to check the status or damage. Weapons, explosive or highly flammable substances and substances with a strong or unpleasant odor or any instrument for preparing meals or other electrical appliances shall not be allowed into the apartment without permission of the property manager.

  • Before your departure, in order to facilitate the arrival of the next tenants, we kindly invite you to :

    • Empty and throw all the trash inside the house.

    • Leave all the dishes clean.

    • Turn off the light throughout the apartment and turn off the air conditioning in summer.

    • Close all the shutters, windows and doors of the apartment.

    • Leave dirty towels on the bathroom floor and clean towels folded on the bed.

  • We are not responsible for any disruption due to total or partial lack of supplies such as electricity, water, internet and heating that does not depend on our will. It is extremely forbidden to party in the house or cause any kind of disturbance to the neighbors living in the same building in which the rented apartment is located.

  • Duty of custody of personal belongings, money and valuables : The guests of the house are required to carefully guard their belongings

  • Exclusion of liability for loss and theft: The Structure does not assume responsibility for loss or theft of objects and values+

  • Exclusion of liability for loss and theft of vehicles: Please note that any liability for theft or loss of vehicles is excluded.

  • Exclusion of liability for damage not dependent on the holiday home: The structure is not liable for accidents and injuries or damage caused by other guests, force majeure, natural disasters, exceptional weather conditions, and in general other causes unrelated to negligent personnel conduct.

  • COMPLAINTS: If you have any complaints, you can contact the contact persons who will take prompt action to resolve any of your problems.People to contact in case of need :

    • Sara +39 340 973 4940

    • Corrado +39 348 142 8017

  • Useful numbers:

    • Police 113

    • Fire department 115

    • Emergency 118

This regulation aims to create harmony between the tenant and the owner of the house.We all want our house to be treated with care and everyone is pleased to find a cozy, comfortable and clean house, equipped with all the functional services, that meets your expectations. Thank you for booking one of our beautiful and comfortable apartments.

Enjoy your stay in our apartments and enjoy your holidays.

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