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The “Sicilia Orientale” (the eastern Sicily area), and in the specific the area close to Siracusa, offer many products of Italy’s food and wine tradition, used in the Mediterranean diet: fruit and vegetables km 0, fresh bluefish fished in the Mediterranean Sea and great wine from Avola.


The typical local cuisine is made of a healthy and simple type of food, which combines the rural tradition of the region of Sicily with local products of excellence.


There are many restaurants where to enjoy sophisticated dishes that remind the local tradition but with a modern twist


If instead you want to enjoy a tasty pizza, do not miss the opportunity to dine in one of the many “pizzerie”, where in addition to the traditional pizza you can also find gluten-free or vegan ones.


To end your day, there are many clubs and bars to have fun while drinking a nice cocktail. Or you could take a walk in the town center enjoying a real Italian gelato, as well available in some stores in gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free options, to make everybody happy!

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